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by Evulart

Excellent details on the cloth wraps, the electronic shoulder-piece, and especially the "veiled" details of her face through the mask. ...

So, I have now seen Avengers: Infinity War, and I am ready to give my thoughts on it.
Before I begin, THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS for both this movie, and a few others in the Marvel cinematic universe , so, if you haven't seen this movie and the rest of the MCU films, and you decide to keep on reading from this point on, I don't want to hear B.S. about, "Why did you ruin the movie for me? Waaah, waaah *thumb-sucking noises*" or anything even remotely resembling that, and whoever says anything like that needs to stop being a failure and learn to read.
Again, keep reading only if you've seen the film already, or if you're like me and don't give two farts about "being spoiled", because you're gonna see and thoroughly enjoy the movie anyway. :)
Okey-dokey? Fine, here we go:


This is a great movie and I LOVED it, I will watch it several more times in theaters, and countless more times when I buy the Blu-Ray. That being said, it does have some faults, although most, if not all, of those faults are NOT due to this particular film itself, but rather due to other films in the overall MCU franchise.

One example of this is what I call "The Dormammu Trap". This was something that was introduced in the Doctor Strange movie, where the good Doctor traps the villain in an endless Time Loop, where the same few seconds play over and over again, until the villain agrees to the Doctor's terms of surrender. This technique is just insanely over-powered, as it can be used to defeat any enemy, ever, and it could have ended this movie in ten minutes. All that needed to happen is just have Doctor Strange trap Thanos with it, and bam, problem solved.
Again, this is not the fault of Infinity War itself, but with the MCU introducing something in the Strange movie which is too O.P., and then deciding not to use that technique in Infinity War, for whatever reason.

Another thing I hate in the MCU, which pops up again in film, goes all the way back to the first Thor film. That is, them explaining The Nine Realms of Thor/Norse mythology, as just some planets or space stations, when each one of them are supposed to actually be HUGE dimensions, basically pocket universes. For example, the "Realm" they visit in Infinity War, Nidavellir, looks like it's just some old derelict space station. And even though, yes, that space station in the movie is absolutely massive, for a space station, it is still very tiny when you consider the fact that Nidvaellir is supposed to be at least the size of a gargantuan galaxy, if not a whole universe.

My last big issue is with how they treat the Hulk in this movie. Thanos pretty much kicks his ass easily, and for the rest of the movie, we don't ever see the Hulk again; basically they're saying he's too afraid to come out of Banner now. This is BULLSHIT! The fucking HULK DOES NOT GET FUCKING SCARED, JUST MORE ANGRY, AND THEREFORE STRONGER! Thanos may EVENTUALLY beat him, but Thanos will KNOW he's been in the fight of his life afterwards; Without the completed Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos should NEVER be able dispose of the Hulk so damn casually, or at all.
Now, I completely "get" why they shitted on the Hulk like that; I understand that it's because they don't own the full movie rights to him, so of course they're not willing to give him his full abilities and props. But even though I get it, that doesn't mean I have to like it or agree with it.

All that being said, those are just a few mishandled things in what is otherwise an AMAZING movie. If I sat here and tried to explain every single awesome thing, I'd be writing for days. It's a film full of laughs, tension, surprises and so  much more; you experience every single emotion you may think of, and at the end you want to take the ride again, even though you may feel drained and exhausted. I can't recommend this movie enough; EVERYONE should absolutely see it, and see it multiple times, if at all possible!

I saw it in regular screen size, in IMAX, and in 3D, and It looked spectacular in each format. There are some scenes that I thought looked mind-blowing in 3D, and others that looked stupendous in IMAX, so if you can afford the higher ticket price, I do recommend one of those fancier versions, but the movie is still magnificent looking even in the standard version, so there's absolutely no need to be sad if that's all you can afford.

I can't wait to see the continuation of this movie, and I can't wait to see this again next week with my nephew and brother-in-law!


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